Stop that itch permanently for you and your pets: Anti-ticks spray that works!

Many of us cringe at the thought of having ticks in our pets or on our own body – after all, ticks do look extremely disgusting. Then there is also the worry that having one in the household mean that there are thousands more lurking around, creating health hazards for your loved pets and family members.

How does ticks appear in the first place? Ticks tend to lurk around in grass or plants nearby, waiting for a warm-blooded host to attach to. Once found, it would jump onto the body of the host, attaching its mouthparts into the host and would not detach itself once attached. They usually prefer areas that have lesser hair in the body of the host. Female ticks would lay hundreds to thousands of eggs periodically, which the eggs would hatch and go through four life cycles. Throughout all cycles, the ticks would feed on the blood of the host to survive and grow.

What’s deadlier than having your blood constantly drained would be how ticks are known to be transmitters of diseases. While most diseases are not life threatening for humans, they may post as a serious risk to your furry companions which are not aware that they have ticks on their body. In certain cases, ticks may cause fever, joint swelling and anemia. In serious cases, it may even cause a temporary condition named tick paralysis, which causes the pet to lose their limb strength and overtime, to worsen into paralysis.

However, here’s a piece of good news for you: most diseases tend to be alleviated swiftly once the tick is removed. That said, prevention is always better than cure and for the well-being of your beloved pet, how do you effectively reduce the chances of having ticks to the minimal? Here’s how: invest in the right tools for your pets with Solano anti-tick selections!

Solano anti-tick collar

With a new technology called control release, this beautiful collar slowly releases the active ingredient to repel ticks effectively. Effective for up to 6 months, this collar also contains Paraffin oil that ensures swift spreading of active ingredient. Furthermore, the pesticide capsulated within the collar is released in a safe amount and made with a formula that is harmless to the pet and its owners.

It is also the only collar worldwide that is completely waterproof, ensuring that there is full protection given to the active ingredient for it to remain effective even in waters. Comes in three attractive colours: Blush pink, crystal white and clear blue.

Solano Solpreme SprayFor a fuss free solution to not only ticks but all kinds of insect issues, owners can turn to the Solano Solpreme Spray that effectively protects your pets for up to 30 days. Fast-acting, long-lasting, treatment and control of fleas, ticks, including chewing lice and flies. Safe and 100% green, this product is also safe for pregnant pets. This is Solano’s third generation formula which are effective on parasites that are immune to old formula, yet gentle enough to not cause any skin problems on the pets.

Being waterproof, pets can enjoy a refreshing swim or water games without risking catching insect bites as well. Summer has never been so carefree and insect-free!

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