Sanabelle – Hairball Snack (20g)


The Sanabelle HAIRBALL Snack, reduce the formation of hairballs using plant fibres. This tasty snack makes it possible for hairball to exit and pass through the gut. 

 Tasty & Healthy:

  • Reduce hairball formation 
  • Suitable for both long and short hair cats

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Ingredients : Fresh poultry (min. 20 %), rice, poultry meat meal, animal fat, liver (dehydrated), beet pulp (sugar removed), hydrolysed protein, cellulose fibres,greaves (dehydrated), millet, meat meal, linseed, powdered egg, fish oil, psyllium seeds, yeast (dehydrated), calcium phosphate, potassium chloride, cranberry (dehydrated), blueberry (dehydrated), mussel powder, chicory powder, blooms of marigold (dehydrated), yucca extracts (dehydrated).


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