Nature’s Eco – Small Animal Bedding (30L)



4 For $85
6 For $127
10 For $200

Nature’s Eco Small Pet Bedding recycled paper litter was specially developed to eliminate bad odours in a natural way without any chemicals or additives. It has the remarkable ability to easily absorb fluids up to 3 times its own weight. This removes all nasty odours very quickly. Highly recommended for all small animals especially pets with the tendency to produce strong smelly urine.

(Nature’s Eco Small Pet Bedding – Hamster Bedding, Guinea Pig Bedding, Rabbit Bedding, Chinchilla Bedding)


– Made from 100% recycled paper
– Excellent odour control
– Super absorbency
– Eco-friendly
– Designed for low tracking
– Minimal dust
– Lightweight


1 Bag, 4 Bags, 6 Bags, 10 Bags