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Bosch – High Premium Soft+ Junior Chicken & Sweet Potato (1kg)

Bosch High Premium Soft+ Junior Chicken & Sweet Potato is easily digestible diet formulated with single protein and no grains, using only premium ingredients from Germany’s Baden-Württemberg Region. Ideal for for food-sensitive young dogs suffering from food intolerances and allergies. With fresh chicken (70 %) as the sole source of animal protein, high moisture kibble (18%), highly digestible sweet potato and grain-free.
  • REMOVE ALLERGEN :With single protein source that is highly digestible 
  • HEAL WOUNDS & GUT : With Glucosamine, Chondroitin and Chicory (provides prebiotic inulin) 
  • BUILD IMMUNITY : With Zinc Chelates to boost immunity functions

Bosch dog food uses only carefully selected ingredients suitable for human consumption, which are prepared in a gentle cooking process making extremely tasty, digestible, high quality dog food with optimal nutritional value. To protect the essential, but very delicate vitamins, Bosch dog food includes a mixture of different, natural tocopherols ensuring excellent protection for the vitamins and fatty acids. No artificial flavourings or aromas are added to Bosch dog food. Bosch dog food uses absolutely no artificial preservatives, so that you can be quietly confident that your dog has received the appropriate nutrition.