Cat Parasite Control

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Solano – Ecolife Cat Spot On (Small/Large)


Repellent Spot On against ticks, fleas and mosquitoes for cats.
Repels all insects.
Unique natural oil combination makes the fur shine. Prevent hair loss and akin damage.
Quickly absorbed into the skin and leave no oily fur.

  • A revolutionary anti-ectoparasite ecological Spot On.
  • The Synergy effect between those natural essential oils has made EcoLife to be the most effective natural repellent in the market today.
  • Extremely efficient against fleas and ticks, mosquitoes, ants and flies.
  • Highly recommended for sensitive pets like puppies, old cats, dogs and lactating pets.
  • For pets who live in a house with children, Ecolife eliminate the contact of your children with chemicals.

Solano – Solpreme Cat (Small/Large)

JEPetz - Solpreme Cat Picture Dual effect spot on based on Dinotefuran– kills fleas before they can bite and helps prevent diseases and allergies. Effective protection of fleas over their life cycle from egg to adult flea. Fast Acting Eliminates through contact in 6 hours. Parasite don't have to bite to die. Long Lasting Protect your cat up to 1 month. Safe 3rd generation active ingredient. Minimum chemicals.
  • The active ingredients spread throughout the cat’s body from head to tail and kill fleas in 6 hours.
  • Efficacy - 100% less than 24 hours.
  • Effective protection for 30 days.
  • Prevents diseases and allergies.

Solano – Solpreme Spray (250ml)

JEPetz - Solano Spray Picture

The most effective spray for dogs, cats, puppies, kittens, rabbits, small animals and their environment. Kills and prevents fleas, ticks, chewing lice, flies and mosquitoes. Faster Action Provides fast acting and perfect solution for your pet. Immediately kills all ectoparasites High efficacy The Film Forming effect coats each hair and provides full protection throughout the length of the fur. Kills parasites throughout its all life stages from egg to adult. Long Lasting Keeps your pet protected from fleas and ticks for 30 days. Safe Solution Allowed to use on pregnant and lactating female. The innovative active ingredient – Dinotefuran is very efficient and safe for your pet. Safe to use in a house with children. Safe for the environment.

Prevent Diseases Kills parasites by contact before they have a chance to bite and spread diseases.

  • Fast relief from biting.
  • Can be used on pregnant animals.
  • Allow for puppies and kittens from 1 week of age.
  • Allow for rodents over 2 months of age.
  • Kills & prevents all ticks, fleas, chewing lice, mites, flies, mosquitoes instantly.
  • The Flea & Tick control for dogs, cats and small animals including puppies & kittens.
  • Keeps pets protected for a period of 30 days.