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As pet owners ourselves, we believe in providing the best for our pet / bird companions. We believe in providing the best pet products available in the market for pet owners.

Variety is never a problem here at JEPetz, as our online store offers a great variety of choices for our customers. Hence, we hope to be able to help our customers find the right products for their pet. We carry a wide range of popular dog | cat | bird | small pets products ranging from food, wellness, to accessories for pet owners to pamper their beloved companions with!

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Oxbow – Carnivore Care (70g)

- Premium recovery food designed for carnivores that are unwilling to eat their normal diet. - Carnivore Care™ meets 100% of the needs of a sick or convalescing obligate carnivore. - Contains easily digestible proteins derived from high quality egg and poultry sources to enhance nutritional absorption Carnivore Care™ was developed and is recommended because we understand your need for an effective, versatile, nutritional choice that you can trust for the treatment of your pet. **Advised to consult with your veterinarian before using.

Absolute Plus – Organic Raw Virgin Coconut Oil (500ml)

  • Size 500ml
  • USDA Organic
  • Cold pressed, 100% organic virgin coconut oil
  • A rich natural source of omega 3 essential fatty acids
  • For optimal skin health
  • Do not leave exposed to sunlight or hot temperatures
  • Can be used topically or ingested for skin and coat health
  • Suitable for all life stages
Benefits: -Prevent Bacterial Infections -Heal Yeast & Fungal Infections -Smooth Glossy Coat -Reduce The Risk Of Pet Cancer -Heal Dry Skin -Improve Weak Stomach

Kaytee – Kay Kob Bedding 8lb

Kaytee Kay-Kob is a natural corn cob product, ideal as a bedding and litter for birds and small animals. Highly absorbent, and helps eliminate odors. It won’t stick or cling to cages or pens allowing for easy clean-up. * Not recommended for reptiles due to ease of ingestion and possible gastrointestinal blockage.

Zoo Med – Avian Calcium

Avian Calcium, a pure calcium supplement for all species of birds. Calcium is essential for the formation and maintenance of strong bones, egg production, blood clotting, and other vital life functions. With Avian Calcium you can take comfort in knowing that your birds are getting highly bioavailable source of calcium carbonate that is free of harmful impurities.

Zoo Med – Avian Plus Vitamin and Mineral Supplement for Birds 28g

Vitamin and mineral supplement for birds is milled to a very fine powder for maximum adhesion to seeds. Features orange flavoring for bird appeal with no preservatives. It has a calcium base to ensure healthy bone development, strong shells and proper calcium metabolism in breeding females.

Zoo Med – AvianSafe Water Conditioner for Birds

AvianSafe is a new instant water conditioner that removes chlorine and chloramines from your pet birds' water. Use to treat your birds' drinking water. Removes chlorine and ammonia from tap water. Adds essential electrolytes (including calcium). Aids in rehydrating new arrivals.

Versele-Laga – Transport Box for Big Parakeets and Rodents

Versele Laga Transport Box for Big Parakeets and Rodents is made of strong and durable cardboard. Ideal for that one

Versele-Laga – Transport Box for Birds

– Box to transport small birds like canaries, parakeets and exotic birds of similar size – Made of tough carton – With vents to allow birds can breathe – Easy assembly

Versele-Laga – Prestige Shell Sand Kristal 2kg

  • White shell sand with aniseed
  • Sterilized at high temperature
  • Refreshing smell, no dust and is environmentally friendly
  • For Birds

Versele-Laga – Oropharma No-Pick Anti-Plucking Spray for Birds 100ml

– No-Pick Anti Feather Plucking Spray – Bitter taste liquid. – Helps prevent feather plucking and self mutilation. – Protects nestlings from feather plucking by parent birds.

Versele-Laga – Oropharma Muta-Vit for Birds 25g

  • Promotes the development of the pen and the state
  • Strengthens the plumage
  • Have a protective effect on the liver
  • Ensures optimal metabolism
  The bird is subject to stress during molting. At this time optimal feed supplement is necessary. Sulphurous amino acids in Muta-VIT are essential for the production of keratin, the construction material of the feathers and skin. Keratin biotin ensures good quality. This ensures a quick and good moves.

Versele-Laga – Oropharma Ferti-Vit for Birds 25g

Complementary feed for birds. Oropharma Ferti-Vit is a well-balanced blend of vitamins, amino acids and trace elements, enriched with vitamin E. To be used during preparation for the breeding season, for the song of canaries and finches and in cases of laying and fertility disorders or in cases of death in the egg. Ferti-Vit promotes sexual drive and fertility. During the breeding season a bird needs an optimal blend of vitamins, amino acids and trace elements. The essential vitamin E, also called the fertility vitamin, is a strong antioxidant. The combination of the components in Ferti-Vit is not only optimal for breeding, but also increases the resistance to disease and helps protect the heart and muscular tissue.

Versele-Laga – Oropharma Omni-Vit for Birds 25g

Omni-Vit is a balanced blend of vitamins, amino acids and trace elements. This dietary supplement is administrated for optimal condition, better breeding results, optimal development of the chicks and in conditions of weakness or stress. Omni-Vit helps in cases of decreased resistance due to infection. Vitamins, amino acids and trace elements are dietary components that are essential for a good metabolism. With heavy exertion, illness or during growth the supply of these essential components via the food may be insufficient and then this product is recommended. Omni-Vit contains only vitamins, amino acids and trace elements with a high biological availability, which ensure an optimal development of proteins in the body, essential for good breeding and condition.

Versele-Laga – Mineral Bloc Mini 70g

A fine granule size, for the smaller birds species. Essential for a good digestion; a source of minerals and trace elements. Keeps the beak sharp. Handy to hang up.

Versele-Laga – Orlux Clay Bloc Amazon River 550g

Clay Bloc Amazon River is a pickstone based on clay, ideal for parrots and large parakeets. Source of minerals and trace elements. Ingredients: loam, oystershell, seashells, redstone, stomach gravel.

Versele-Laga – Orlux Pick Bloc 350g

Pickstone Orlux Pick Bloc is a balanced combination of different types of grit, sea corals, stomach grit and redstone. Specially suitable for canaries, tropical and European finches, budgies and large parakeets, exotic pigeons and fancy fowl.

Versele-Laga – Orlux Insect Patee 200g

Orlux Insect patee Premium is a complete food for all insect-eating birds. It is also an additional food for tropical and native birds, small and large parakeets, parrots, fig parrots and lories. Insect patee Premium is very rich in animal proteins and dried insects, ant eggs, Mexican larvae. Minimum 50 % insects. Thanks to its high content dried insects, this patee is perfectly suitable during the breeding season of European finches.

Versele-Laga – Orlux Gold Patee Parakeets and Parrots 250g

Orlux Gold patee large parakeets & parrots Profi is a ready-for-use eggfood for all large parakeets, parrots, cockatoos and macaws. It is also a well-accepted titbit for pet birds. This food has a high nutritional value by adding 100 % pure and natural honey. The extra added lysine and methionine guarantee an optimal growth and feather composition. Gold patee large parakeets & parrots Profi is enriched with: dried insects, dried shrimps, rosehip, rowan berries and raisins. This food has a coarse structure for better assimilation.

Versele-Laga – Orlux Gold Patee Budgies and Small Parakeets 250g

Versele Laga Gold Patee Budgie & Small Parakeets is a ready-for-use eggfood for budgies and likewise for neophemas and lovebirds. It is also a well-accepted titbit for pet birds. The extra added lysine and methionine guarantee an optimal growth and feather composition. The extra iodine stimulates the activity of the thyroid gland. This food has a coarse structure for better assimilation.

Versele-Laga – Orlux Gold Patee Red 250g

Orlux Gold patee red Profi maintains the red colour for canaries. Gold patee red Profi has a high nutritional value by adding 100 % pure and natural honey. The extra added lysine and methionine guarantee an optimal growth and feather composition.