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Be environmentally friendly for you and your pets: It starts today!

With the many environmental issues arising around us, many of us certainly wants to live more responsibly – this means living with intent, which starts from our lifestyle choices. The best example would be how we take care of our furry companions. Instead, of choosing pet products based on its price tag or its design, we aim to share with environmentally enlightened owners why Nature’s Eco Litter is the best for your pets, both for your pet’s health and for the environment.

JEPetz - Nature Eco Cat Litter
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For a long time, pet litter has been an item that owners rarely paid attention to – after all, it seems that what they ingest through food is the most important factor for their well-being. However, do you know that buying the wrong cat litter & small pet bedding could be extremely detrimental for your cat’s health After all, many mass market cat litters & small pet beddings contain high levels of silica dust which has been scientifically proven to cause upper respiratory issues in cats and even in humans as well. Furthermore, the accompanying chemical fragrances in many cat litters can also be toxic in nature.

While avoiding all those, a notable hazard would be the usual sodium bentonite clay in the cat litters & small pet beddings that claims to clump up and swell up to 15 times its original volume once in contact with waste matters, so that owners can visibly see it and clean it. However, this type of cat litter & small pet bedding works as a double-edged sword – once ingested by accident, your pet can suffer from gastrointestinal distress. This very material also adds on to the environmental distress since it is made from environmentally destructive strip mining

Fortunately, poor quality and environmentally destructive cat litters & small pet beddings are gradually being replaced by better, healthier and greener options which includes Nature’s Eco Litter. Made from 100% recycled paper that are super absorbent and lightweight, it is an excellent alternative for pet owners that are concerned with waste pollution.

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Furthermore, there will be minimal waste created, and are extremely easy to remove and clean away. Its texture also allows minimal dust and low tracking, making the job of cleaning waste as effortless as possible. It is also excellent for odor control, grounding bad smells that cat urine tend to generate. Yet with no artificial fragrance, it ensures that any cats with allergies would stay healthy too.

Your pets deserve better and so do you – make your cleaning job easier, neater, while your cats get a conscious lifestyle upgrade. Try Nature’s Eco Litter to see the change you can make for your beloved pet and the environment.

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