Dog Toys

Dog Toys – Choosing the right ones for your dogs

When it comes to playing with your beloved furry companion, it is common to use a variety of toys to ensure that they have a great time chewing and having fun. Furthermore, research has also shown that dogs that have ample toys to play around with or chew on develop a stronger set of teeth along with better movement coordination skills.

That being said, not all toys are suitable for every pet and owners may sometimes be at a lost as to what if great for their pets to play with, without creating unnecessary hazards around home. Here are some tips for you to look out for when choosing the toys that your dogs will definitely love!

Tip #1: Different toys with varying functions

This may seem mind boggling at first, but do you know that different toys have different functions to begin with? For one, there are toys for chewing like bones to promote their dental system growth. Then there would be toys for chasing with, be it Frisbees or balls for them to train their motor skills and run around in. There are also toys for downright ripping apart, where they enjoy tearing the toys to distract them from chewing out all your furniture instead. Finally, there are also intelligent toys for them to solve, be it puzzles or burying toys to train their mind while they play and have fun.JEPetz - Lambswool Cuddle Ball White

Different type of cuddly toys (All For Paws – Lambswool Cuddle Ball Brown)

As you can see, toys for dogs cannot be one sided and focused on only one function (e.g. all chewing toys) as it will not be exciting or fulfilling for your lovely pets. Instead, invest in the types and not the quantity, so pick one of each to ensure that your dog can have a holistic approach when it comes to playing around.

Research has also shown that dogs tend to lose interest in toys easily, just like humans do. If that is the case, always change it up and get different ones every few months to ensure that they keep their attention fixed on your toys and not your furniture.

Tip #2: Toys that they can chew… not swallow

Yes, you heard it right – sometimes, dogs of larger size might end up swallowing the smaller toys you get for them if they are not careful. Hence, do take note to buy toys that are generally larger than their mouth to ensure that it does not become a choking hazard easily. This ensures that your beloved companions are not facing harmful situations while having their doggy fun around the house!

When it comes to chewing toys, it is also best to get those with sounds and are more flexible in texture. This is because research has shown that dogs will lose interest faster if the toys do not entertain their other senses when being interacted with. What’s the fun if the toy stays silent even while they chew hard on? Studies has also shown that dogs treat their toys like preys, and therefore, the more interactive the toy is, the more fun the dog will have.

JEPetz - Petz Route Dog Toy L Watermelon

Toys that can make music (Top: Petz Route – Dog Toy L Watermelon) or squeak (Bottom: Vitakraft – Squeaky Soccershoe). 

JEPetz - Squeaky Soccershoe


Tip #3: Participation

Research has also shown that dogs are more interested when their owners also take part in the fun – so games like fetch and running about across the field together is always a more viable option. After all, where’s the fun in playing alone without a play mate?

JEPetz - Splash and Fun Pool L

Pool parties with owners! (All For Paws – Splash and Fun Pool )

Tip #4: Constant maintenance

When it comes to toys, dogs can be so bent on chewing them that they may tear it easily. This means that for plush toys and rubbish bits that they especially love, do check the condition if it is growing too much germs (to have constant washes or dental issues may emerge) or becoming split into small bits that could pose as another choking hazard as well.

JEPetz - BBQ Delicious Pork Rib Red

Durable plush toys that looks tasty (All For Paws – BBQ Delicious Pork Rib Grilled)



When it comes to dogs and what they prefer, it is still hard to determine what each and every dog likes the most. Play trial and error to see if the ones you bought are getting a good response from these lovely furballs! If interested with the toys showcased above, wait no further and take a look at JEPetz Dog Toy collection!