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Dog Food – Why food matters for your dog too

It’s no secret that beauty comes from within – which is your food intake as well. While humans may be pickier in what we eat to keep our bodies in great shape, do we invest the same in our furry companions as well?

Here are 3 handy tips to decide what is the greatest food choice for your dogs so that they can have tasty treats like owners do as well!

Tip #1: Consider your pet’s nutritional needs

Most of the time, we think that the pricier the better, or the chunkier the more attractive it would be for the dog. Rarely do we look at the ingredients and think what is better for our pet’s diet – well, it’s time to do so now!

Your dog may have special caloric intake to take note of, depending on their species and activity level. Furthermore, their nutrients should not be limited to one kind (e.g. protein filled diet) and should be a holistic one.

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Different types of food for varying diets 

When it comes to their weight and size, also continuously weigh and measure their weight against standard weight of their species. If they are weighing heavier than standard species, do take note to cut down their calories intake and subsequently keep tabs on its weight. The same works otherwise if your pet dog is relatively lighter. Like humans, being malnourished is never a good thing, but eat too much and they will store too much fats like humans do as well. That is when they need a carefully planned diet to ensure that their body is kept in good shape.

Tip #2: Consider their activity and energy level

When it comes to food, it should be sufficient to last your pet dog throughout the day without having them feeling famished after a short run across the park. After all, different pet dogs may have different growth, energy level to run about in and even varying age as well. All these factors play a prominent role in deciding how much they should eat, and what type of food they should eat.

Like humans, younger pups will certainly need more food to grow while a pregnant dog will also need more holistic approach in nutrients to nurse a litter of beautiful puppies as well.

Tip #3: Different food consistencies

When it comes to food consistencies, there would be canned and dry dog food to choose from. While dogs generally are well off with either choices, they may not be used to one or the other in some cases – monitor their eating patterns and check if they have signs of vomiting or diarrhea, as that can be signs that they are not used to the food given to them.

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While canned food may be more expensive, this does not necessarily mean it is always more superior to dry food. Check with the veterinarian further about your pet’s diet if unsure of what they should be consuming for the best results.


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