Picking the right food: Delicate food for small pets

As important as it is for humans to get the right nutritional balance, our beloved pets also need a comprehensive diet that is tasty, healthy and good for their limb growth. However, with the great number of pet food products in the market today, it is hard to find one that is 100% natural without chemical preservatives, farmed ingredients stripped of its nutrients and without artificial fragrances.

It is all the more important for small pets that have delicate diets, which owners could face difficulties finding the right food sources for their pets. It’s time like this that we have to rely on professionals that know what is the best for our delicate and tiny companions.

At Oxbow Food, they have a team of professionals dedicated to crafting the best food formula for small delicate pets. Their motto is “Passion for Premium. Commitment to Care” – they believe that quality of life begins with quality care. Invested in producing quality products for small pets, they make a true difference through their four fundamental principles: quality, innovation, education, and appreciation.

At Oxbow Food, they have dedicated food formula for various small pets including:

  • Rabbits
  • Guinea Pigs
  • Gerbils/ Hamsters
  • Rats
  • Chinchillas
  • Mice

Great food options: Rabbits

For rabbits, they have an array of food that supports different body parts and nutrients. One of their best sellers include the one supporting joint support, while other includes enriched multivitamin or vitamin C.

They also have simple rewards line, which allows your pets to have tasty treats that are full of nutrients carefully selected for your beloved pets.

This comes in various delectable flavors including:

  • Strawberry and banana
  • Cranberry
  • Bell pepper
  • Carrot and dill
  • Peppermint

Give your beloved small pets a tasty treat today and make them happy, heartier and healthier!


Stop that itch permanently for you and your pets: Anti-ticks spray that works!

Many of us cringe at the thought of having ticks in our pets or on our own body – after all, ticks do look extremely disgusting. Then there is also the worry that having one in the household mean that there are thousands more lurking around, creating health hazards for your loved pets and family members.

How does ticks appear in the first place? Ticks tend to lurk around in grass or plants nearby, waiting for a warm-blooded host to attach to. Once found, it would jump onto the body of the host, attaching its mouthparts into the host and would not detach itself once attached. They usually prefer areas that have lesser hair in the body of the host. Female ticks would lay hundreds to thousands of eggs periodically, which the eggs would hatch and go through four life cycles. Throughout all cycles, the ticks would feed on the blood of the host to survive and grow.

What’s deadlier than having your blood constantly drained would be how ticks are known to be transmitters of diseases. While most diseases are not life threatening for humans, they may post as a serious risk to your furry companions which are not aware that they have ticks on their body. In certain cases, ticks may cause fever, joint swelling and anemia. In serious cases, it may even cause a temporary condition named tick paralysis, which causes the pet to lose their limb strength and overtime, to worsen into paralysis.

However, here’s a piece of good news for you: most diseases tend to be alleviated swiftly once the tick is removed. That said, prevention is always better than cure and for the well-being of your beloved pet, how do you effectively reduce the chances of having ticks to the minimal? Here’s how: invest in the right tools for your pets with Solano anti-tick selections!

Solano anti-tick collar

With a new technology called control release, this beautiful collar slowly releases the active ingredient to repel ticks effectively. Effective for up to 6 months, this collar also contains Paraffin oil that ensures swift spreading of active ingredient. Furthermore, the pesticide capsulated within the collar is released in a safe amount and made with a formula that is harmless to the pet and its owners.

It is also the only collar worldwide that is completely waterproof, ensuring that there is full protection given to the active ingredient for it to remain effective even in waters. Comes in three attractive colours: Blush pink, crystal white and clear blue.

Solano Solpreme SprayFor a fuss free solution to not only ticks but all kinds of insect issues, owners can turn to the Solano Solpreme Spray that effectively protects your pets for up to 30 days. Fast-acting, long-lasting, treatment and control of fleas, ticks, including chewing lice and flies. Safe and 100% green, this product is also safe for pregnant pets. This is Solano’s third generation formula which are effective on parasites that are immune to old formula, yet gentle enough to not cause any skin problems on the pets.

Being waterproof, pets can enjoy a refreshing swim or water games without risking catching insect bites as well. Summer has never been so carefree and insect-free!

Bosch Food: Delicious and healthy for your pets!

When it comes to choosing a diet for your pets, it is extremely important to know what you are feeding them is suitable for their diet. In our over saturated market today, our beloved furry friends are subjected to over-marketed, processed and low-quality food that are harmful to their digestive system. Overtime, if they continue to eat poorly produced food, it will result in a lack of nutrients that will increase their vulnerability to diseases and illnesses.

However, the next question comes in – you might now be aware that the right diet is important, but what to choose from? Which brand to rely on? After all, when it comes to picking the right food for your pets, it may be difficult to know which is the right one for them. We believe that it all comes down to two key factors: Experience and Trust.

This is also the two principles that Bosch Tiernahrung GmbH & Co. KG holds very close to their company core – one of the most celebrated and experienced pet food companies in the market right now. With a whopping 50 years of experience and still going strong, the family-run business is a pet-loving family that understands the importance of having great food for your great companions.

It is thus a guarantee that they use the highest quality of raw materials, keeping the food fresh and worthwhile by using regional sources of raw materials when crafting them if possible. Furthermore, Bosch ensures that breakthroughs are always created – their state-of-the-art production and packaging plants ensure that efficiency is maintained, while constantly improving their recipes, which are scientifically-based. This means that the food they produce, while encapsulating the freshness and tenderness of traditional good pet food, is also enhanced through scientific breakthroughs to ensure that it is the most digestible and nutritional as possible.

Their high quality and reputation is backed by a comprehensive number of quality controls, with notable mentions including HACCP, IFS and Food Check. This ensures that your furry companions are safe in their hands.

With that established, let’s look further into what are they products to specifically cater to your pet’s diet due to their size, preference and many more!

1: Pet Dogs that require that extra boost of energy

For pet dogs that are more prone to an active lifestyle, pick the ENERGY EXTRA that has high energy concentration and high digestibility for them to maintain a high performance

Contains mannans and glucans for stabilizing the intestinal flora and the immune system. Also has mussel extracts for cartilage and joints. Has high level of essential fatty acids for skin and coat too.

Also, great for underweight dogs and those with certain nutrition-related digestion problems.

2: Pet Dogs that are have extra allergies or intolerances

For certain pets that are more food sensitive, rest assured that Bosch Food has them covered. With a high rice content of up to 37.5% and potatoes with low allergenic potential, it contains no gluten, wheat or corn that could possibly trigger allergic reactions.

Extra additions of an immune complex containing mannans and glucans ensures that the intestinal flora is stabilized and the immune system is strengthened.

3: Food catered to the age of your pets

Like humans that have different diets as they age, your furry companions deserve to indulge in a diet that changes overtime as well. At Bosch food, you have junior and senior categories that contain different nutrients essential for growth and for aging.JEPetz - Bosch High Premium Mini Junior
For Mini Junior, it contains gentle food ingredients to ensure that it does not triggered the immune system of younger dogs that are still relatively tender. There is also mussel extracts to support the development of cartilage and joints. The immune system is strengthened due to the addition of colostrum and the specific immune complex of mannans and glucans (developed by veterinarians) to the recipe.JEPetz - Bosch High Premium Senior

For Senior, it meets the dietary requirements of older dogs from age 7 to 8 as the energy, protein and mineral content is considerably reduced. The decrease in energy content and increase in fiber ensures that the older dogs can reduce the risk of becoming overweight due to lower activity level. With the higher level of vitamins and trace elements, cell aging is delayed ensuring they retain their youthfulness as long as possible.

To sum it up…

Bosch Food is truly one of the best when it comes to customized, healthy and trustworthy food choices for your furry companions – essential for proper dog growth and defence against germs, diseases and premature illnesses. Give your dog the treat it deserves, and change to Bosch Food now!

Finding the right shampoo: Why proper washing is so important

Keep personal hygiene in tip top condition has always been a habit ingrained in us – after all, keeping our body clean helps to combat the germs around us and minimize the possibly of getting infected. But at times, it seems that our pets have their own bodily system – so does hygiene practice apply to our furry companions too? Well, Certainly so!

However, not every dog shampoo is good for your dog, and what you are reaching out for to wash your dog might be dangerous for it. For example, obvious ones would include artificial fragrance and colours which can contain hundreds of ingredients or byproducts not explicitly written, potentially harming your dog more than expected. Furthermore, such ingredients have also been pointed out as sources of organ damage, cancer and allergic reactions. Others include parabens that can cause reproductive issues, or even mineral oils that was thought to be beneficial for our beloved pets. Mineral oils can actually block the skin from producing its own natural oils and eliminate toxins, causing an exacerbation of skin problems.

And if you are considering washing your dogs with human shampoo that seems “safer” then you might want to reconsider that: our skin is genetically different from that of our pets, so the moisturizers and ingredients can be harmful for them. Disrupting their pH mantle with a shampoo of a different pH will cause proliferation of bacteria and irritate their skin even more. Definitely not something to try on a dog already suffering from skin problems!

What makes a good dog shampoo, then? We have narrowed it down to a few key factors that is absolutely essential for the shampoo to be beneficial for your furry companions.

JEPetz - Roots Skin Prob Relief

Firstly, it must be in the right pH range. Dogs have skin pH that is slightly more alkaline than humans at about 7.5 and hence, they need to use mild cleansing tools to avoid skin irritation.

Hence, a good recommendation would be Roots Herbal Shampoo – their skin problem relief shampoo is formulated with turmeric extracts, sea holly extracts and phaya yor extracts for various skin conditions such as inflammation, skin irritation, itch and chronic dry skin.

Rest assured that the moisturizing agents within the shampoo is also crafted such that it does not block out natural oils and ensures that the skin is still breathable and fresh.

JEPetz - Roots Flea & Tick

Another good quality would be how it prevents further skin breakouts and diseases by keeping pests at bay.

A good recommendation would be the Tick and Flea Control Shampoo in the Roots Herbal Shampoo line, which is an all-natural herbal pet shampoo formulated with Sweetsop extracts and Neem oil to make it a natural way to keep your pets tick and flea free.

In addition, 100% of the active ingredients are derived from plants with no toxic synthesized pesticides. Hence, there will be no allergic reactions or skin irritations involved when using this.

Furthermore, pet owners would also be pleased to know that it is certainly gentle enough even for small and newly born pets, ensuring that they have a clean, beautiful coat.

JEPetz - Roots Silk Protein

Finally, for pets that do not have any striking skin problems or irritations, owners would want to opt for a gentle formula that ensures their pets can continue to maintain a silky, beautiful top coat.

This can be achieved with Roots Herbal Shampoo, which is a natural pet shampoo formulated with traditional herb extracts, natural protein and pro-vitamin B5. It helps condition skin and coat leaving it with a deep lustre and sheen.

This mild and gentle shampoo helps to sooth and heal the skin and coat, leaving it tangle free once dried.

Proper grooming and hygiene practices is essential for your pets to have a healthy and silky coat free of skin problems – give Roots Herbal Shampoo a try and see the amazing results on your beloved pets!

Be environmentally friendly for you and your pets: It starts today!

With the many environmental issues arising around us, many of us certainly wants to live more responsibly – this means living with intent, which starts from our lifestyle choices. The best example would be how we take care of our furry companions. Instead, of choosing pet products based on its price tag or its design, we aim to share with environmentally enlightened owners why Nature’s Eco Litter is the best for your pets, both for your pet’s health and for the environment.

JEPetz - Nature Eco Cat Litter
Get Nature’s Eco Pet Litter Now – Click Here 

For a long time, pet litter has been an item that owners rarely paid attention to – after all, it seems that what they ingest through food is the most important factor for their well-being. However, do you know that buying the wrong cat litter & small pet bedding could be extremely detrimental for your cat’s health After all, many mass market cat litters & small pet beddings contain high levels of silica dust which has been scientifically proven to cause upper respiratory issues in cats and even in humans as well. Furthermore, the accompanying chemical fragrances in many cat litters can also be toxic in nature.

While avoiding all those, a notable hazard would be the usual sodium bentonite clay in the cat litters & small pet beddings that claims to clump up and swell up to 15 times its original volume once in contact with waste matters, so that owners can visibly see it and clean it. However, this type of cat litter & small pet bedding works as a double-edged sword – once ingested by accident, your pet can suffer from gastrointestinal distress. This very material also adds on to the environmental distress since it is made from environmentally destructive strip mining

Fortunately, poor quality and environmentally destructive cat litters & small pet beddings are gradually being replaced by better, healthier and greener options which includes Nature’s Eco Litter. Made from 100% recycled paper that are super absorbent and lightweight, it is an excellent alternative for pet owners that are concerned with waste pollution.

Get Nature’s Eco Small Pet Bedding – Click Here

Furthermore, there will be minimal waste created, and are extremely easy to remove and clean away. Its texture also allows minimal dust and low tracking, making the job of cleaning waste as effortless as possible. It is also excellent for odor control, grounding bad smells that cat urine tend to generate. Yet with no artificial fragrance, it ensures that any cats with allergies would stay healthy too.

Your pets deserve better and so do you – make your cleaning job easier, neater, while your cats get a conscious lifestyle upgrade. Try Nature’s Eco Litter to see the change you can make for your beloved pet and the environment.

(Small Pet Bedding – Hamster Bedding ; Rabbit Bedding ; Guinea Pig Bedding)

Dog Food – Why food matters for your dog too

It’s no secret that beauty comes from within – which is your food intake as well. While humans may be pickier in what we eat to keep our bodies in great shape, do we invest the same in our furry companions as well?

Here are 3 handy tips to decide what is the greatest food choice for your dogs so that they can have tasty treats like owners do as well!

Tip #1: Consider your pet’s nutritional needs

Most of the time, we think that the pricier the better, or the chunkier the more attractive it would be for the dog. Rarely do we look at the ingredients and think what is better for our pet’s diet – well, it’s time to do so now!

Your dog may have special caloric intake to take note of, depending on their species and activity level. Furthermore, their nutrients should not be limited to one kind (e.g. protein filled diet) and should be a holistic one.

JEPetz - Grain-Free Whitefish and Sweet Potato JEPetz - Aqualuk Grain Free Salmon Dog 15lbs

Different types of food for varying diets 

When it comes to their weight and size, also continuously weigh and measure their weight against standard weight of their species. If they are weighing heavier than standard species, do take note to cut down their calories intake and subsequently keep tabs on its weight. The same works otherwise if your pet dog is relatively lighter. Like humans, being malnourished is never a good thing, but eat too much and they will store too much fats like humans do as well. That is when they need a carefully planned diet to ensure that their body is kept in good shape.

Tip #2: Consider their activity and energy level

When it comes to food, it should be sufficient to last your pet dog throughout the day without having them feeling famished after a short run across the park. After all, different pet dogs may have different growth, energy level to run about in and even varying age as well. All these factors play a prominent role in deciding how much they should eat, and what type of food they should eat.

Like humans, younger pups will certainly need more food to grow while a pregnant dog will also need more holistic approach in nutrients to nurse a litter of beautiful puppies as well.

Tip #3: Different food consistencies

When it comes to food consistencies, there would be canned and dry dog food to choose from. While dogs generally are well off with either choices, they may not be used to one or the other in some cases – monitor their eating patterns and check if they have signs of vomiting or diarrhea, as that can be signs that they are not used to the food given to them.

JEPetz - Sensitive Skin Formula for Adult Dogs 8lbs

Food that cares: for sensitive skin formula 

While canned food may be more expensive, this does not necessarily mean it is always more superior to dry food. Check with the veterinarian further about your pet’s diet if unsure of what they should be consuming for the best results.


Dog Toys – Choosing the right ones for your dogs

When it comes to playing with your beloved furry companion, it is common to use a variety of toys to ensure that they have a great time chewing and having fun. Furthermore, research has also shown that dogs that have ample toys to play around with or chew on develop a stronger set of teeth along with better movement coordination skills.

That being said, not all toys are suitable for every pet and owners may sometimes be at a lost as to what if great for their pets to play with, without creating unnecessary hazards around home. Here are some tips for you to look out for when choosing the toys that your dogs will definitely love!

Tip #1: Different toys with varying functions

This may seem mind boggling at first, but do you know that different toys have different functions to begin with? For one, there are toys for chewing like bones to promote their dental system growth. Then there would be toys for chasing with, be it Frisbees or balls for them to train their motor skills and run around in. There are also toys for downright ripping apart, where they enjoy tearing the toys to distract them from chewing out all your furniture instead. Finally, there are also intelligent toys for them to solve, be it puzzles or burying toys to train their mind while they play and have fun.JEPetz - Lambswool Cuddle Ball White

Different type of cuddly toys (All For Paws – Lambswool Cuddle Ball Brown)

As you can see, toys for dogs cannot be one sided and focused on only one function (e.g. all chewing toys) as it will not be exciting or fulfilling for your lovely pets. Instead, invest in the types and not the quantity, so pick one of each to ensure that your dog can have a holistic approach when it comes to playing around.

Research has also shown that dogs tend to lose interest in toys easily, just like humans do. If that is the case, always change it up and get different ones every few months to ensure that they keep their attention fixed on your toys and not your furniture.

Tip #2: Toys that they can chew… not swallow

Yes, you heard it right – sometimes, dogs of larger size might end up swallowing the smaller toys you get for them if they are not careful. Hence, do take note to buy toys that are generally larger than their mouth to ensure that it does not become a choking hazard easily. This ensures that your beloved companions are not facing harmful situations while having their doggy fun around the house!

When it comes to chewing toys, it is also best to get those with sounds and are more flexible in texture. This is because research has shown that dogs will lose interest faster if the toys do not entertain their other senses when being interacted with. What’s the fun if the toy stays silent even while they chew hard on? Studies has also shown that dogs treat their toys like preys, and therefore, the more interactive the toy is, the more fun the dog will have.

JEPetz - Petz Route Dog Toy L Watermelon

Toys that can make music (Top: Petz Route – Dog Toy L Watermelon) or squeak (Bottom: Vitakraft – Squeaky Soccershoe). 

JEPetz - Squeaky Soccershoe


Tip #3: Participation

Research has also shown that dogs are more interested when their owners also take part in the fun – so games like fetch and running about across the field together is always a more viable option. After all, where’s the fun in playing alone without a play mate?

JEPetz - Splash and Fun Pool L

Pool parties with owners! (All For Paws – Splash and Fun Pool )

Tip #4: Constant maintenance

When it comes to toys, dogs can be so bent on chewing them that they may tear it easily. This means that for plush toys and rubbish bits that they especially love, do check the condition if it is growing too much germs (to have constant washes or dental issues may emerge) or becoming split into small bits that could pose as another choking hazard as well.

JEPetz - BBQ Delicious Pork Rib Red

Durable plush toys that looks tasty (All For Paws – BBQ Delicious Pork Rib Grilled)



When it comes to dogs and what they prefer, it is still hard to determine what each and every dog likes the most. Play trial and error to see if the ones you bought are getting a good response from these lovely furballs! If interested with the toys showcased above, wait no further and take a look at JEPetz Dog Toy collection!